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메인 확실한 효과를 보장 L-Arginine 강력한 성분 치료 옵션 지금 구입
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강력한 성분

독점적 VYDOX ™ 책정. 우리는 Vydox ™는 세계에서 가장 강력한 남성 강화 수식이며, 믿습니다!

우리는 오늘날 시장에서 다른 남성 강화 제품을 연구 시간과 많은 돈을 쓰셨습니다.

왜 우리가 이런 짓을 한거야? 우리는 세계에서 가장 강력하고 가장 효과적인 남성 향상 알약을 수립 싶었어요.Vydox ™이 제제의 원료 복용량 금액은 세계에서 이전 선도 남성 향상 알약의 거의 두 배 힘입니다.

의료 사회는 지속적으로 더 남성 해부학 어떻게 작동하는지 우리에 알려 고도의 연구를 기반으로 새로운 임상 데이터를 공개하고 있습니다.

더 나은 고객 서비스를 제공하기 위해, 우리는 항상 Vydox ™는 세계에서 가장 # 1 남성 강화 수식 상태를 유지하기 위해 최신의 임상 연구를 검토하고 있습니다.

우리의 연구를 바탕으로 ...

* 우리는 우리의 주요 성분으로 L-아르기닌을 추천하고 시장에서 다른 남성 향상 알약에 비해 복용량 금액을 두 배로했습니다. L-아르기닌, 완료 100 개 이상의 임상 연구와 함께, 당신이 원하는 결과를 얻을 수 있도록 도움이 될 것입니다!

* 우리는 안전하게 당신이 즉각적이고 효과적인 결과를 얻을 수 있도록 각 재료의 최대 복용량을 최적화했습니다! 다른 제품은 비용을 절감하는 금액을 먹이지 최소화했지만, 우리는 먹이지 금액을 증가 .......에서만 가능한 가장 비싸고 고급 재료를 사용합니다. 당신은 ™ Vydox에 대해 조금 더 지불하게됩니다 -하지만 결과에 올 때 당신은 훨씬 더 얻을 것이다!

속지 마십시오 ........ 보충제는 덜 효과적인 건 아니니까!

지금 주문하세요!

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Proprietary VYDOX™ Formulation

…we believe, Vydox™ is the most potent male enhancement formula in the world!!

We have spent a lot of time and money researching the other male enhancement products on the market today.

Why did we do this? We wanted to formulate the most potent and most effective male enhancement pill in the world. The ingredient dosage amounts in the Vydox™ formulation are nearly twice the potency of the previous leading male enhancement pill in the world.

The medical community is constantly releasing NEW clinical data, based on advanced research that better informs us on how the male anatomy works.

In an effort to better serve our customers, we are always reviewing the latest clinical studies to ensure that Vydox™ remains the world's #1 male enhancement formula.

Based on our research…

*We've featured L-Arginine as our main ingredient and doubled the dosage amount when compared to the other male enhancement pills on the market. L-Arginine, with over 100 clinical studies completed, will help to ensure that you receive the results you desire!

*We've safely optimized the maximum dose of each ingredient to ensure that you get immediate and effective results! While other products have minimized dosing amounts to save money, we have increased our dosing amounts…….only using the most expensive and premium ingredients available. You will pay a little more for Vydox™  -- but you will get a lot more when it comes to results!

Don't be fooled……..supplements do not mean less effective!


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The Vydox™ Challenge

1 Month Supply 3 Month Supply 6 Month Supply


If you want to enjoy harder and longer-lasting erections, we challenge you to take Vydox™ for at least 60 days (so that the Vydox™ ingredients can build up in your system.) If you do not notice significant results, you can return your empty boxes for a full refund…….no questions asked!!


Powerful Ingredients


L-Arginine - Increases Blood Circulation And Naturally Treats Erectile Dysfunction…….yes, our dosage amount of L-Arginine is twice that of other male enhancement pills.

L-Arginine is an amino acid that the body uses to make nitric oxide, a substance that signals smooth muscle surrounding blood vessels to relax, which dilates the blood vessels and increases blood flow. Relaxation of smooth muscle in the penis allows for enhanced blood flow. This is called vasodilation. Smooth muscle relaxation in the penis, allows increased blood flow, leading to stronger erections.

Like the drug sildenafil citrate (Viagra™), L-Arginine is thought to enhance the action of nitric oxide and—in turn—relax the muscles surrounding blood vessels supplying the penis. As a result, blood vessels in the penis dilate, increasing blood flow, which may help maintain an erection. The difference in how they work is that Viagra blocks an enzyme called PDE5, which destroys nitric oxide, and L-Arginine is used to make nitric oxide. Unlike Viagra™, L-Arginine is taken on a daily basis for erectile dysfunction. (Cathy Wond, ND, CNS 2011 Sept;


Piper Nigrum L - Increases Absorption of Key Herbal Agents for Fast Acting Results …….yes, our dosage amount of Bioperine™ is also twice that of most male enhancement pills.

Bioperine™ is a patented substance manufactured by the company Sabina. In order to be patented, it has been subjected to a number of clinical and scientific trials and has proved successful in supporting the absorption of nutrients into the intestinal tract, a function called bioavailability. By featuring Bioperine™ in the Vydox™ formula, you will receive much quicker results than other male enhancement pills.

Bioperine™ is a derivative of black pepper extract, which comes from the plant genus piper nigrum and comes in a variety of forms. Scientists that were studying the properties of this extract noticed that it increased the absorption rate of materials ingested during eating. They also noticed it increased the bioavailability of nutrients and minerals, allowing them to be digested more effectively.

It is a featured ingredient in Vydox,™ particularly as it is very beneficial in aiding the absorption of amino acids, such as L-Arginine, an ingredient that is vital in producing nitric oxide which is necessary to obtain a strong, long-lasting erection. So what does this have to do with all natural male enhancement? Vydox™ has introduced Bioperine™ into the proprietary formulation as a way of increasing bioavailability of the nutrients and extracts contained in the supplement. During a clinical study using of a male enhancement pill, patients that took the supplement containing Bioperine™ versus a placebo, experienced better overall results and achieved a more rigid erection.

Yohimbine HCL

Yohimbe - Increases The Amount Of Blood Flowing In To The Penis…….yes, our dosage amount of is, once again, twice that of most male enhancement pills.

Yohimbe is a herbal medication made from the bark of an African tree (Corynanthe yohimbe or Pausinystalia yohimbe). One of the components of yohimbe, named yohimbine (ingredient in the Vydox™ formula), was the only oral supplement approved by the FDA for the treatment of impotence before Viagra hit the market. Yohimbine has been indicated as a sympatholytic and mydriatic. Impotence has been successfully treated with yohimbine in male patients with vascular or diabetic origins and psychogenic origins.

The real promise of yohimbe is not just its value as a supplement for erectile dysfunction, but its power to enhance sexuality in healthy subjects. Yohimbe is probably one of the most underrated supplements for male enhancement around. It is not just a sex enhancer; it's a philosophical life enhancer. It has the clear potential to give new meaning to the lives of men at mid-life and beyond. Yohimbe restores pride and enjoyment to life. For performance and sheer manhood, men at age 50 who have ingested yohimbe can compete with any young gigolo. Forget the fear of not being able to keep up sexually!

Epimedium Leaf Extract—standardized for Icarron

Horny Goat Weed -Increases Sexual Desire, Male Libido And Sexual Performance…….yes, our dosage amount is, once again, twice that of most male enhancement pills.

It has been around for centuries, used in traditional Chinese medicine as a tool to increase sexual drive. Horny goat weed's active ingredient is "icariin." Icariin has been known to increase nitric oxide, which fundamentally can increase blood flow to extremities. Icarrin also works to inhibit PDE-5 activity, which is the same principle that Viagra employs. By inhibiting PDE-5 activity, erections can be sustained.

Because of horny goat weed's ability to increase nitric oxide and inhibit PDE-5, we have included this ingredient in the proprietary Vydox™ formula. Many say it is a natural version of sildenafil citrate, which is the active ingredient in Viagra.

Horny goat weed, or epimedium, is available in various extracts, with higher extract ratios being known to be more effective. When used in combination with other herbal extracts, like the Vydox™ formula, it can be quite effective for male enhancement. Horny goat weed effects can be quite noticeable and quite impressive for those taking daily doses of Vydox™ .

Saw Palmetto Berry

Fructus Serenoae - Stimulates Prostate And Improves Orgasms…….yes, our dosage amount is, once again, twice that of most male enhancement pills.

Saw Palmetto has been clinically proven to maintain a healthy prostate and help in preventing Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH). When formulating Vydox,™ we understood the need of aging men today—maintain a healthy and functioning prostate. Our calculated dose of Saw Palmetto is safe and effective for preventative maintenance and will allow you to ejaculate larger amounts while heightening your orgasm strength!

The prostate gland is the plague of men over 50. For reasons that remain unclear, but appear to involve the male sex hormone testosterone, this walnut-sized gland, which sits below the bladder and produces much of the fluid of semen, grows larger as men age. As the gland grows larger, it eventually pinches the urethra leading to several annoying symptoms such as: reduce urine flow, urinary hesitancy and frequent trips to the bathroom during the night. (European Study Of Urology Times-BPH-May 20, 2006)

Asian Red Ginseng

Panax Ginseng - Assists In Getting Harder, More Rigid Erections…….yes, our dosage amount is, once again, twice that of most male enhancement pills.

In 2002, the University of Ulsan College of Medicine published a study in which they investigated the effectiveness of Red Ginseng when treating men that were having problems getting erections. While studies in the past had been done with lab animals, this study was done on men, making it extremely relevant.

The results were very positive, showing that the erectile dysfunction scores of the men who were treated with red ginseng were significantly higher than the men who received the placebo. We believe the most important result was the evidence that scores for erection penetration, penile rigidity and maintenance were much higher than the placebo group.

Nearly 60% of patients who participated in the study claimed an improvement in the quality of their erections when taking Asian Red Ginseng.

In additional studies, it has been noted that Asian Red Ginseng may improve nitric oxide synthesis in the corpus cavernosum resulting in increased blood flow to the penis and resulting in more rigid erections.

Muira Puama Bark Extract

Muira Puama - Increases Sexual Libido…….yes, our dosage amount is, once again, twice that of most male enhancement pills.

Muira Puama is an understory tree that is grown most prevalently in the Brazilian Amazonian rain forest. The bark and root have been employed for centuries in herbal medicine. Along the Rio Negro in Brazil, Muira Puama is used to treat fatigue, muscular weakness and sexual dysfunction. It has been known to be an extraordinary aphrodisiac, thus having a pronounced effect on circulatory function (blood flow) and sexual libido.

Muira Puama has demonstrated, in clinical studies, the ability to increase sexual libido and assist with impotency problems. The first study involved 262 men who experienced a lack of sexual desire and the inability to obtain or maintain an erection. In this group, 62% of those with loss of sexual libido reported that the extract, Muira Puama, "had a dynamic effect," and 51% of those with erectile dysfunction felt that it was extremely beneficial.

In a second French study, researchers concluded that Muira Puama could "enhance libido (in 85% of the test group), increase the frequency of sexual intercourse (in 100%) and improve the ability to maintain an erection (in 90%)."

Ginko Biloba Leaf

Ginko Biloba Leaf - Increases Blood Flow To The Penis ... yes, our dosage amount is, once again, twice that of most male enhancement pills.

The Ginkgo Biloba Leaf is a very popular male enhancement herb that has been known to produce quite a few benefits. This male enhancement herb was originally thought of as being good for brain function and memory. While it is true that Ginkgo Biloba does help with both of them, it has a lot of other great benefits that result in better sexual performance amongst other things. Ginkgo works by increasing blood flow to the body, including the penis, thus making erections firmer.

Also, it is used to ensure that the brain will have more blood flowing in the area. This can help to see that the body is going to be safe and healthy for different kinds of function. The added oxygen will support the brain and get it to trigger a sexual response in the body. It can improve peripheral circulation, oxygenation and increase blood flow to the penis, thus resulting in improved sexual function and erection quality.


Damiana -Greatly Enhances Sexual Response And Performance…….yes, our dosage amount is, once again, twice that of most male enhancement pills.

Damiana is a well-known Spanish aphrodisiac that derives from a Central and South American shrub that flowers in the late summer and produces edible fruits. The extract form the Damiana plant if used in the VYDOX™ formula due to its long heralded libido-enhancing properties. It can greatly enhance sexual response and performance!

Although it has many medicinal uses, Daminan can also stimulate sexual libido and awaken the desire to be active. Clinical tests have proven that Damiana widens the blood vessels in a process called vasodilation, causing a pleasant sensation in the male genital area while increasing sex drive.



Try It RISK FREE For 68 Days! If You're Not COMPLETELY Satisfied, You Don't Pay A Penny!

Our promise and commitment to you is very simple. If you're not 100% satisfied with the difference Vydox™ makes in your sex life ...

  • Harder, Longer-Lasting Erections!
  • Increased Stamina And Sex Drive!
  • Intensified Orgasms!
  • Increased Sexual Confidence!

... then simply send us your empty Vydox™ ™ boxes in the first 68 days and we will refund your entire purchase price -- no questions asked!


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These products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Terms and Conditions: All clinical studies referenced on this site, for Vydox™ ingredients, are REAL and are readily available for public viewing. Individual results when using Vydox™ may vary from those provided on this site.

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