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How it works

How it Works

Assimilation Into The Body

Your body will almost immediately utilize the Bioperine™ in Vydox's™ sexual delivery formula, which will enhance the effectiveness of Vydox's™ premium ingredients as they are digested. Bioperine™ allows the body to absorb nutrients and promotes all ingredients working together to produce maximum results. Once Vydox™ is processed by the stomach and enters the jejunum within the small intestine, villi (specialized surface cells containing digestive enzymes) diffuses the herbal nutrients for transfer to the adjacent capillaries. The blood vessels (capillaries) then transport the nutrients away from the small intestine to the liver, at which point the nutrients enter the circulatory system.

Once Vydox's™ formula works its way into the circulatory system, blood flow to extremities, increasing blood flow to extemities, including the male anatomy. A small portion of users will notice a total body warming feeling, which can be attributed the effect of this circulatory boost. This is associated with heightened capillary action and is just your body working to increase the efficiency and performance of its circulatory system. Most importantly, Vydox™ is an all-natural premium formula, taking full advantage of safe and documented natural herbs for your personal wellbeing. With Vydox™, you can begin noticing results immediately!

L-Arginine – Increases Blood Circulation (Clinically Studied)

L-Arginine is an amino acid that the body uses to make nitric oxide, a substance that signals smooth muscle surrounding blood vessels to relax, which dilates the blood vessels and increases blood flow. Relaxation of smooth muscle in the penis allows for enhanced blood flow. This is called vasodilation. Smooth muscle relaxation in the penis, allows increased blood flow, leading to stronger erections. Vydox™ works immediately and effectively to assist with this process!


Sexual Arousal And The Corpora Cavernosa

When sensory arousal and/or or mental arousal occurs, one's brain will send neurological signals to a select group of arteries that lead to a penile chamber known as the corpora cavernosa. These neurological signals will allow the arteries to open up and facilitate localized blood flow. When these arteries open up, it allows blood to flow in and fill the corpora cavernosa. The blood flowing into the corpora cavernosa creates a significant pressure which makes the surrounding skin stretch and causes the penis to expand. Once sufficient blood is flowing to the corpora cavernosa, a diaphragm called the tunica albuginea traps the blood in this chamber for the sole purpose of sustaining rigidity. The firmness and fullness of an erection is dependent on a handful of variables, but strong blood flow into the corpora cavernosa and operational efficiency of the tunia albuginea are major factors in the quality of erection that you are able to achieve. With Vydox™, you can not only achieve a stronger and firmer erection, but you will accomplish this without the nasty side effects that are experienced by many who take Rx pills!

Corpora Cavernosa

Utilization Of Nitric Oxide

The entire process of enlarging the select group of arteries leading to the corpora cavernosa is facilitated by the production of a compound called nitric oxide. NANC (nonadrenergic-noncholinergic) nerve cells located at the end of nerve fibers are what create this fundamental compound. The premium ingredient in Vydox™, L-Arginine, has been clinically studied to target and trigger NANC nerve cells to increase nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide stimulates an enzyme called guanylate cyclase, and in-turn, this enzyme produces a natural chemical called cyclic guanosine monophosphate, which is also known in simpler terms as cGMP.

cGMP tells muscles that line localized arteries to relax. When the artery-lining muscles relax, they become enlarged and allow more blood to flow through. This process is what allows larger volumes of blood to fill the corpora cavernosa and expand the penis. By taking Vydox™ every day, your body will become concentrated with L-Arginine and other premium ingredients, thus assisting you in achieving bigger and harder erections!

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The Reduction Of PDE-5 Emitters

The human body natural produces another enzyme called PDE. A subset of PDE known as PDE-5 is typically localized to the penis and adjacent sexual organs. PDE-5 is actually produced by the body to deactivate cGMP when a man is aroused to return his penis back to a flaccid state. Think of PDE-5 as a trigger to get rid of an erection when the human body no longer wants or needs it.

When a man suffers from erectile dysfunction, he is typically producing PDE-5 at a rate that exceeds cGMP production. This leads to an inability to create or maintain an erection. There are three main ways to combat this problem.

  • Increase Nitric Oxide production
  • Increase cGMP production
  • Decrease PDE-5 levels in the arteries leading to the penis

Vydox™ uses safe herbal ingredients that are known to impact and target these three main criteria. Naturally, these same scientific principles apply to men who don't suffer from erectile dysfunction as well. For men seeking harder, firmer erections and enhanced sexual performance, improvement to these three main criteria is necessary. By taking Vydox™ daily, you can improve these three essential areas and begin experiencing bigger erections and a better sex life!

The Vydox™ Result

Full administration of Vydox™ can lead to harder, firmer, more enjoyable erections. Vydox's™ proprietary and premium formula is built around a core of herbal constituents that if used in the proper proportion and dosage can increase nitric oxide production, increase cGMP production, and decrease PDE-5 levels. What does this mean for you? Bigger, harder and firmer erections!

Powerful Male Enhancement Solution

Be very careful when viewing other male enhancement products on the market. Our research has shown that many of our competitors "supposed doctors," don't even understand the scientific make-up of the product they are endorsing.

If a company is unable to tell you how their product functions, it is probably because they do not understand the scientific make-up of their product formula. Without a clear understanding of Nitric Oxide utilization, cGMP production or PDE-5 enzymes, it is near impossible for a company to formulate a solution that actually works.

Vydox™ was formulated around the same principles that Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra were developed from (decreasing PDE-5 enzyme levels), but with an all-natural formulation. Try Vydox™ today and improve the quality of your life like thousands of other men worldwide!


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Terms and Conditions: All clinical studies referenced on this site, for Vydox™ ingredients, are REAL and are readily available for public viewing. Individual results when using Vydox™ may vary from those provided on this site.

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